Kembayau fruit a.k.a Canarium odontophyllum


January 27, 2013 by Win Son's Websites

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Today, my inspiration came from the my dinner. As I was hungry and thus looking food (I haven’t had my REAL MEAL for the entire day and yeah, I know it is bad…), I realized I still have some ready-to-use mashed Kemabayau fruit in my fridge. I have learnt how to use Kembayau fruit to make a few local delicacies and tonight I decided to make myself Kembayau Fried Rice.

Do you have any idea what Kembayau fruit is then?

Kembayau fruits Canarium odontophyllum a.k.a Kembayau, locally known as ‘Kembayau” (Pronunciation Cam-Ba-Yaw) is an exotic fruit unique to Borneo Island, diversify in the Northern part of Sarawak from Sibu District to  Limbang District, it is also found in Brunei Darussalam and this also has a special affinity to Bruneians economy. It is a bit peculiar compare to other fruits; the skin is white in color at the early stage and when it ripes, the skin turns to dark purple in color.

The second wave of fruits season in Sarawak started around month of October last year , 2012. After 3 months, fruits season is slowly coming to an end, the Limbang locals had taught me how to determine the ‘closing’ of fruits season, that is when the  ‘Buah rambai’ trees starting to bare fruits after the durians, cempedak, terap etc.

Kembayau seedsGood quality fruits can be kept for quiet a long and can be utilized to make many various recipes. Good quality Kembayau fruits would have oily yellowish appearance when the outer dark purple skin is removed. The unctuous mesocarp about 6 – 8mm thick  is not the only edible portion, the internal part of seed with hard-3-angular seed  that contains whitish compressed cotyledon also  delicacy. Kembayau fruits are solid hard yet they are becoming very tender when they are cooked.

How to prepare your cooked Kembayau

An easy step of simply soaking the entire washed fruit in hot boiling water for approximately 5 – 10 minutes, this will soften the mesocrap.

Kembayau fruitsThe locals will eat the cooked Kembayau fruit:

from simply go with sugar to salt, some prefer dark soy sauce with chilly; making into ‘Mole’ (not as mole the mammal nor the birthmark, or cafe-au-lait spots) pronounce as mo-lay, or to be called ‘sambal’ in Malay, a kind of sauce the using ingredients like chopped tomato, chilly, garlic, onion and lime juice etc.

My Kembayau Fried Rice



  1. Ready made mashed Kembayau
  2. Vegetable oil & sesame oil
  3. Mashed KembayauSome fresh chicken meat
  4. Diced garlic
  5. Some wine
  6. salt and pepper
  7. Dark caramel soy sauce
  8. Egg
  9. Cold cooked rice


Step 1: Heat the wok and drip some cooking oil

Step 2: Chuck the diced garlic and fresh chicken meat when you could smell nice garlic fragrance

Step 3: Pour a spoon full of wine (this is the exciting part, if your stove has enough heat, allow the flame dances in the wok)

Step 4: Put in the mashed Kembayau and cook till you smell kembayau fragrant then put in the egg

Step 5: Stir the cold cooked rice with your cooking with salt, pepper and dark caramel soy sauce

Step 6: Served and enjoy the meal ♥♥♥

My Kembayau fried rice

and, it’s done! Easy isn’t it? Try it yourself and don’t forget share with me your own experience, cheers! Enjoy our meal!


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